Your Questions About Aquaculture Tanks

George asks…

is there any bad effect of using fiberglass tanks in brackish water aquaculture system?

I mean does water salanity affect the fiber glass durability or is there any posible chemical reactions that could produce toxic compunds that may harm the quality of reared fish in brackish water?

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Fiberglass is fine but in the US most tanks and other items in contact with the water are sealed with gel coat, a white (generally) opaque coating of resin that seals the fiberglass and helps to keep water out of the fiber matrix.
If your plan is to export, check regulations on what are approved materials to use, some items will not be acceptable. Fiberglass with or without gel coat is not a problem.
Other materials are as good or better and may be cheaper to use like polyethylene. Take a look around.

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Donald asks…

how do you set up an aquaculture system with four 110 gallon tanks?

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Get in touch with your state’s agriculture department. Some states have 85% funding for that type of enterprise!!

Mark asks…

I was looking at buying a 29gallon AquaCulture fish tank kit from Wal-Mart.?

It Comes with the Filter, Hood, and heater. Would this be a good kit to start a salt-water tank with?

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Nope, saltwater tanks are a lot more complex and do better with a much larger tank.

However, that is a perfect kit to start a freshwater tank with!

Ken asks…

Aquaculture Touch Tank Set-Up?


My school, as part of our Aquaculture program, is looking into getting a cold water touch tank. I was wondering if anyone KNEW FROM EXPIERIENCE the following:

1) What type of plants should I get?
2) What type of animals should I get? (Easy specices, not too costly)
3) Average cold water tank’s temperature?
4) Are they complicated to maintain/setup?

Thank You!

Aquaponics Nut answers:

What the hell your teacher should know this

Betty asks…

finding a good large tank for synodontis granulosus?

i was looking for a tank mabe 900 gallons i was looking at aquaculture tanks but shipping is sometimes more than the tank i looked at just regular tanks and it was the same thing does anyone know of a place that sells mabee tanks that come in pieces or are collapsable i was thinking about under $900 for the tank it doesn’t even have to be an aquaculture as long as it holds water and is at least 3 feet tall but no higher than 7 feet any help or links will be appreciated

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Your question caught my eye- I got curious and went to look the information up. I have a moderate sized pond, but have no experience with tanks larger then 80-100gallons, except when I visit zoos and professional aquariums.

That being said: That is a seriously huge African catfish! Good luck!

I found a forum with some good links when I looked up the scientific name for that fish.

Links for giant aquariums:

Here’s a guy who built his own 500 gallon setup:

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~Good luck with the project

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