More Questions About Aquaponics Kits

Sandra asks…

can i use mollies in my aquaponics kit?

i have a 10 gallon tank with 9 adult mollies and 3 baby’s and im looking to start a aquaponics kit system using the mollies im going to have a grow bed above the tank with a drip system i plan on growing peppers and tomatoes any info would be great
im not going to use dirt im using hydroton grow medium

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Not a good idea at all, any soil you buy from a store will have some sort of fertilizer in it and fertilizer is VERY toxic to fish. Also, it would be impossible to keep the tank cycled properly with new water constantly coming through. The fish will not live for so many reasons. Save yourself the time, money and disappointment… Fish keeping and soil gardening are two hobby’s best kept separate 🙂

Edit – There are still a lot of reasons this won’t work

Jenny asks…

Which is better Hydroponics or Aquaponic Kits?

Which is better to have, considering maintenance, yield, costs

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Both have similar results, so go for the cheapest 😉

George asks…

mini aquaponics kit system?

how can i make a cheap, mini aquaponics kit system

i am only 14 years old and i just have 1 goldfish

Aquaponics Nut answers:


Youtube for your answer. Several small systems built there.

I have built a gravel grow bed on top of my fish tank using a plastic container. I used 2X4 to support it on top of the tank and filled with gravel. Then I used a 1/2 PVC for a bell siphon.

Google Bell siphon/ J siphon, tons of info there.

Great Aqauponic groups online as well.

Check out Aquaponic Kits. One of the best sites.

Steven asks…

10 gallon aquaponics?

ok ive got a 10 gallon tank and I’m doing an aquaponics kit setup..theres a raft with 6 pots that will be growing spinach.

what should i stock the tank with. its outside on a patio that is not in direct sunlight.i also live in north atlanta so there is the heat factor.

what kind / how many fish will give off enough waste.and can goldfish take the heat?

Aquaponics Nut answers:

Well goldfish are the dirtiest fish, literally. They are pretty hardy when it comes to temperature usually. I live in Northern Canada and it’s calming down a bit now so it should be fine. I also recommend Zebra danios, they are very hardy too.
Hope this helps!

Paul asks…

aquaponics flood and drain?

im just starting out with aquaponic kit and i have a 20 gallon fish tank that im going to use and a small grow bed with hydroton and i wanting to do a flood and drain with a auto siphon what size of tubing do i use for the auto siphon like i said the grow bed is 15 qrt and i have a 80gph water pump

Aquaponics Nut answers:  answers this question. I just ordered my books and DVD’s I don’t know any real answers yet.

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